the violet hour

"Lisa Valerie Morgan is smiley and charming as heiress Rosamund Plinth."  –Robert Axelrod, Reviewplays

dog sees god

“Rounding out the excellent cast are Lisa Valerie Morgan, Collins Reiter and Mikayla Park.” –Lovell Estell III, LA Weekly

“The entire talented ensemble is work-horse strong, clearly pursuing objectives with joy and ease.” –K. Primeau,

“Each character, from the Goth (Lisa Valerie Morgan), to the institutionalized (Dana DeRuyck) and gay (Jesse James Rice) comes alive with great energy and pithy…” –Bonnie Priever, Tolucan Times


“And Lisa Valerie Morgan’s Peace, a three-dimensional metaphor that hovered over all the proceedings, does a fine job as a non-speaking presence whose dour facial expression for about 99% of the production described her divine opinion of the foolish mortals. Once the war ends, though, she becomes one of the girls.”  -James Scarborough, Huffington Post

i capture the castle

And to play Smith’s characters (for whom “colorful” is an understatement) Watson has assemble a cast of simply wonderful actors” –Lynne Bronstein,

“Director Cameron Watson has assembled a splendid cast… If there is any justice, I Capture the Castle will become as much of a theatrical staple here as it is in England.” – Terri Roberts, Backstage West

“An exquisite piece of theatre, complete with superb acting… It’s hard to praise a particular actor from this ensemble, as all of the performances are noteworthy.” -Amy Lions, Studio City Sun

“Watson’s steady hand evokes strong performances from every player.” –Kyle More, Tolucan Times

“…A well-stocked fourteen-member cast, who hit all the right notes.” –Gail Roberts, Entertainment Today

“A strong cast and a lovely, lyrical script add up to an engaging production in El Portal’s Forum Theatre.”  -Melinda Schupmann,

“…An ensemble of very fine performers.” –Beverly Hills Outlook

“…excellent, beautifully balanced cast.” –Madeline Shaner, Park LaBrea News/Beverly Press


“With conviction, Morgan navigates the trickiest role — the mysterious, manipulative woman who may not be what she seems.” –Neal Weaver, LA Weekly

“The play opens with young stripper, Alice Ayres, played vulnerably and with heart-breaking believability by Lisa Valerie Morgan…” –Anna Guigui, Tolucan Times